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Place matters

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We were thrilled to exhibit our children’s workspace products at the KZN Home Education Expo last month.

A definite highlight was getting to meet my son’s Grade 3 teacher from Evolve Online School, who Simon has “known” for the past 9 months (although my son lives in Gauteng, and she is based in Kwa-Zulu Natal).

The great thing about online education is that “place” is a non-issue: relationship is possible via the web. And yet “place” remains a huge need for the human experience.

Most (if not all) exhibitors at the Expo were focussed on providing tools to improve content for the home education community. We were the only exhibitor focussed on “place”, which is as important, for our children to thrive.

By creating child-friendly workspaces for our children, we can directly impact their ability to absorb content. But without those “places”, our content is meaningless.

HF Design focuses on providing locally produced, child-friendly modular workspace products that cater for the needs of pre-school children through to high school.

For more information, contact Henriette 072 734 6904 or visit https://hfdesign.co.za/

Henriette Frohlich is a professional architect, who is passionate about creating child-friendly workspaces that are accessible to all. She is the founder of HF Design, a small startup that is flexible, simple and local.

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