Flexible - Simple - Local
Flexible - Simple - Local
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Our Story

Covid-19 was a wake-up call for many, launching South Africa–and the world–into the 4th Industrial Revolution (whether we wanted to be launched or not).

The loss of jobs, as a result of national lockdown in 2020, made the ever-widening economic and social gap in South Africa screamingly obvious to the wider population, and the fear of infection kept most children at home throughout the year. Schools and offices were abandoned, and new workspaces temporarily set up for adults and children at home.

A year later, not much had changed–unemployment was worse than in living memory, and most children were still waiting to return to school. We needed to change.

HF Design was founded in 2021, in response to the ever-greater need for local job opportunities. HF Design strives to provide the growing community of home-schoolers and online learners flexible, simple and local children’s home workspace products.

We are part of the change.