Flexible - Simple - Local
Flexible - Simple - Local
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Who We Are

HF Design creates flexible, simple and local children’s workspace products for the next generation of homeschoolers and online learners.

HF Design is flexible. Our environment demands sustainable solutions, our pockets need it. We want to do more, with less. We want to be able to change with the times, thus staying relevant. We are flexible.

HF Design is simple. In a busy world, our inner lives yearn peace. We long to unclatter, to refocus, to rest. HF Design seeks to provide the best quality designs in their simplest form. We are simple.

HF Design is local. We believe South Africans deserve high-quality designs at an affordable price. By sourcing and producing our products locally, we aim to reduce South Africa’s dependancy on imports, while providing much-needed jobs locally. We are local.