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Create a learning space for your child at home this Christmas

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It’s the end of the year, and our kids are ready for holiday. But does that mean that learning ends? Or does it really only get started?

As we gear up for a long summer break, instead of planning daily activities for our kids to keep them entertained, why don’t we rather spend time (and money) thinking about, and improving, their home learning environment.

The more comfortable your kids feel at home, the less they will need to go out, and the easier it will become for you to fit them into your home office situation.

What simple interventions can we make in your shared working / living space that could help them “grow their minds”?

Is there a corner in their bedroom that can be set up as a permanent learning environment, to nurture creativity?

Is there a library in your neighbourhood that you can become a member of? Are there colourful and fun reading books within reach near the sofa?

Have you downloaded kids summer music (and stories) in different languages to play on your sound system at home and in the car?

And do you have crafty material like glue, scissors and paper near their workspaces, so that your kids can get creative this Christmas season without needing your guidance and nudging?

Instead of focusing on outings and restaurants this holiday, how about you spend time creating a physical learning space for your child at home?

First of all, start with the basics: Does your child have a desk and bench adjustable to their specific height? Adjustable furniture will grow with your child until he/she is big enough to sit comfortably at an adult-size desk.

And then let your child get “bored”. Because it is only when they finally reach that “bored state of mind”, that they start becoming truly creative.

Let your home become your child’s favourite learning space this Christmas, so that your child is ready for 2022, and all the learning adventures the new year will bring.

Your child deserves it.

Henriette Frohlich is a professional architect, who is passionate about creating child-friendly workspaces that are accessible to all. She is the founder of HF Design, a small startup in Centurion, Gauteng, that is flexible, simple and local. For more information, contact info@hfdesign.co.za or 072 734 6904.

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  • Joyce Wolfe on

    Apart from online tutoring at SweetStudy, do you have art supplies like glue, scissors, and paper close to where your children are working so they can be creative at Christmas without your direction and prodding?

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