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Small enough to fit into every home (and into every pocket)

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Could it be that parents are not buying kids workspace furniture, because they think they don’t have sufficient space at home to accommodate it? Or that they do not have sufficient funds to finance it? Or that there are no plausible benefits to justify it?

Not surprising, since most kids desks currently available in South Africa are either bulky, once-off pieces of expensive furniture, or small flimsy contraptions that could fall apart if any child attempted to mount them. If they are not made of plastic as one-size-fits-all imported items, that is.

It seems to me that most parents don’t bother to take the time to think through the (new) concept of getting a child-friendly desk for their kids.

Especially if their kids don’t study at home.

So why are we making - and selling - adjustable desks for kids, if this market is non-existent in South Africa?

Parents lack sufficient space, some may claim. And yet the ENZOKUHLE children's desk, adjustable is 90cm wide and 60cm deep (the same floor space needed for a fridge or oven, and that can easily fit under a staircase or next to a bed), adjustable for a 2-year-old child to sit comfortable for the next 10-14 years.

Parents believe their kids don’t need a workspace of their own, others may suggest. And yet when you reserve a corner of your living space for their creative material that never gets tidied up or put away, they might even just surprise you by sitting longer and working harder because the desk and bench actually (finally) fit their small body size, and their projects are easily accessible whenever they are ready to learn (and not when you are ready for them to use your shared space).

Parents lack sufficient money, the general consensus would agree. And yet a summery frock for a 1-year-old child sells like hotcakes at the market for R399 (to be given away within 12 months when the child outgrows it).

The ENZOKUHLE children’s desk, adjustable is small enough to literally fit into EVERY home, flexible enough to fit EVERY child and affordable enough to fit MOST pockets.

There really is no more plausible reason why you are not taking the time to think through the idea of getting a child-friendly desk for your child, and setting them up for a life-time of independent learning.

Now, and not tomorrow.

HF Design creates flexible, simple and local children’s workspace products for the next generation of homeschoolers and online learners. Visit our online store: www.hfdesign.co.za or call Henriette 072 734 6904 for more information.

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